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Annsun Story..

Annsun was a concept derived by Sundar Singaram. Why people visit Chennai? Its mainly Tourism, Business, Healthcare, Education, Government work etc..In Chennai one will have all options to stay from 5 star deluxe hotels to basic lodging and service apartments. Every cuisine from world is available in all hotels and restaurants across city. But If some one is looking for a stay with a feel of home and custom made cuisine in Chennai, is it possible? to address this need Sundar Singaram partnered with Annamalai to create the “Home Away Home” experience in Chennai which is called “Annsun”

How do we call ourselves as Annsun…Its intuitive and divine. Name ANN SUN was the first 3 letters of Sundar & Annamalai. But it dosnt’t represent our names. Many may be aware Annamalai is Lord Shiva’s name in Tiruvannamalai, which is a “Panchabootha” sathalam represents “Fire” where Shiva is in the form of Fire. ANN represents “Annamalayar (Shiva)” and SUN represents “Sooriyan or Sun” which is “Fire”. ANNSUN is “Fire form of Lord Shiva”. Is it not intuitive and different? Yes it is not only the name but the experience you will have at Annsun also different and divine.

We are Annsun. Chennai's prime luxury escape in the heart of the urban hub.

Annsun Boutique Hotel is built as a hotel with an air conditioned dining, reception and one guest room located in the ground floor. The first and second floor can be accessed by the elevator which has 3 rooms each. The third floor has one spacious room with the private roof garden.Public spaces are fully-air conditioned. All rooms are NON SMOKING. A library nook has books and magazines on travel and nature for reference. A computer with free internet connectivity is available for all guests. Breakfast is served in the dining area. Guests have a choice of full-Western or Indian breakfast.